Hydraulic Presses

B, D, F, G & H10 Frame Presses

F Series Press Models: FH12, FH20, FL35, FN50, FQ75, FY100 & FZ200

FW Series Presses: 8, 15, 35 & 50 Ton Models

HA15, KA25, LA35, NA50 & QA75 Frame Sizes

M-Series Hydrualic Presses: 4, 6 & 8 Ton (Old Series)

M3P-6 Series Hydraulic Press

R, S & T Series Presses: Below SN #20,000

R, S & T Series Presses: Above SN #20,000

W2A-3 Ton Series

W3A Series Presses: 1, 2 & 3 Ton Models

W6A Series Presses: 1, 2 & 3 Ton Models

WR & WS Series Presses: WR Above SN #23101 & WS Above SN #23577

WR & WT Series Presses: WR Above SN #26660 & WT Above SN #26429

WUA-TR Series Presses: 1 & 2 Ton Models

WUA-1 & 2 Press & Powerhead Assembly

Control Valves

Models C01 & C101

Models C04, C104, C09, & C109

Model C61

Models C204, C204SS, C204FS, C264, C264SS, C264FS, C209, C209SS, C269, &C269SS

Models C300 / C400 Automatic and Single Cycle

Model C-492

Model C-592

Model C61

Models C64, C164, C69, & C169

Model C92

Models C94 & C99

Model C96 & C97

Index Tables

A-31 & A-33 Index Table (Also See IT300 Series)

IT-100 Series Index Table

IT-100 Series Resequence

IT-300 Series Index Table

Handwheel Inching Control

Handwheel Inching Control for WR, WS, WT & FH thru FZ Model Presses

Miscellaneous Items

Maintenance & Safety Manual

Suggested Hydraulic Fluids for MULTIPRESS Equipment


(Parts – Option 1, Service – Option 2)

We are best able to assist you if you can provide the Model Number and Serial Number (if applicable) of your MULTIPRESS machine.