Metal Forming & the Industrial Industry

Hydraulic presses are used in many different industries for a wide variety of applications. The metal forming industry, which manufactures an array of finished products, requires hydraulic presses to accomplish many applications.

Using the most advanced MULTIPRESS hydraulic pressing equipment, metal forming manufacturers within the industrial sector can increase quantity, quality, cost, and active production time.

With a wide range of standard press offerings, MULTIPRESS can also outfit your machinery with a variety of optional customized accessories.

By incorporating equipment accessories into your process, production becomes more efficient, operator safety increases, and profitability grows.

A few examples of customized industrial press applications are listed below.

Electrical motor assembly:

Bearing press: Press bearings onto shafts or into housings
Shaft assembly: Press shaft into rotor assemblies
Housing assembly: Press housing assemblies onto stators

Cable Assembly:

  • Crimp loop closures for bicycle and dog tie out cables
  • Crimp lugs onto brake cables.

Tool manufacture:

  • Insertion of tips into socket bodies. Tips can be hex, torx, or any other driver shape.
  • Form tool shapes such as broaching the final width of wrenches.

Heavy Duty Conveyors:

  • Presses are integral to the insertion of hinge pins in heavy duty conveyors and track drive belts.


The industrial industry may use hydraulic presses for the assembly of brushes for:

  • Paint
  • Powders
  • Flux

Fork Trucks:

  • Including straightening the long beams used to make the mast before assembly.
  • Such as for install of wheel hubs into solid rubber tires.


  • Crimp swivel connection onto hose and tube fitting body.


  • Crimp swivel connection onto hose and tube fitting body.

At MULTIPRESS, our engineering and design team will work with each customer to identify the best system and configuration to fit their exact production requirements. Our hydraulic presses are completely customizable.

Why choose MULTIPRESS metal forming equipment?

For over 75 years, MULTIPRESS has been the trusted source for custom hydraulic press solutions. MULTIPRESS has the experts, knowledge, and technology to select and create a press machine unique to each customer’s needs.

With experience in the automotive industry and more, MULTIPRESS provides high-quality, reliable hydraulic press machinery to any application. In an ever growing and developing technological market, MULTIPRESS is proud to offer and satisfy customers in the automotive industry all over the world with dependable press machinery.

Contact MULTIPRESS today to find out how our custom hydraulic press machines can help improve your business.