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With so many Denison MULTIPRESS machines still in operation today, many people know the brand name and may wonder what the relationship is between Denison and MULTIPRESS.

For years, Denison was long known as manufacturer of hydraulic components (pumps, valves, etc). The hydraulic component supplier opted to create a line of hydraulic presses under the brand “Multipress”. The brand name grew in popularity with thousands of machines being produced and installed over several decades. In 1982, Denison sold the press line now known as MULTIPRESS. Denison continued to make hydraulic components however the press line continued under different, independent ownership. Today, MULTIPRESS continues to thrive as a known, reliable, and trusted hydraulic press brand.

Do You Have a Denison Press?

MULTIPRESS is committed to helping you solve problems or questions you may encounter with your MULTIPRESS or Denison hydraulic press, however certain Denison press parts may now be obsolete or unavailable. In order to provide the highest quality machinery on the market, our machines and their technology have both evolved with time. If you’re not sure where to turn for press parts or assistance, contact us today and we will be happy to provide parts, when possible, or suggest a new press for your application.

With over 70 years of press experience, MULTIPRESS has the expertise to design and build a press for your business. Don’t hesitate to contact our Parts and Services Department regarding your hydraulic press questions – we’re here to help.

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