Metal Forming & the Medical Industry

Innovative and reliable metal forming equipment is crucial to the medical industry. MULTIPRESS’ commitment to precision and quality, coupled with our ability to create customized machinery to meet our customer’s exact specifications makes us a great partner for those seeking hydraulic presses for medical applications.

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Standard and custom hydraulic presses from MULTIPRESS have been used by the medical manufacturing industry to produce:

  • Implantable Artificial Joints – This application can be completed using a double action forming press. In addition to forming, the process of drawing is also used to create this product.
  • Medical Instrument Assembly – For this application, two or more parts are fastened together during an assembly process using a hydraulic press.
  • Medical Batteries – This application consists of a hydraulic press forming the metal by changing the shape of the piece.
  • Medical Device Housings – These have been made on a M5P 8-Ton double action forming press.
  • Pharmaceuticals – For the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, a hydraulic press may be used for the compaction process. This is when an object is produced by the compression of a powdered material.
  • Dental Instruments – This application requires small bench press models and utilizes the  forming process.

Accessory options that many medical manufacturers choose to customize their hydraulic press with to increase accuracy and efficiency, include:

  • Pick & Place Systems: A material handling unit typically equipped with a gripper. The gripper will “pick” a part up and “place” the item in another position. A customer may choose to use a pick & place unit when dedicated automation is beneficial to the process.
  • Rotary Index Tables: As a dial, the table allows the customer to load a part while pressing another part. Indexers can have multiple stations, commonly four, for various processes. Typically used with a pick & place system, a rotary index table increases efficiency by eliminating dead time between steps and increasing productivity and profitability.
  • Load Cells: This device accurately measures force. As force is applied, the load cell looks at each value, finds the largest value (peak force), and stores it until the next cycle starts. By storing this information, the operator knows what the appropriate amount of force was applied during the press cycle. Another approach is to create a max / min window. If the press force falls within the window, the part is “PASS” and outside the window is “FAIL”.
    • Position Transducers can be used in conjunction with a load cell to control distance.

Features of MULTIPRESS hydraulic presses that make them ideal for medical manufacturing applications include:

  • Signature analysis, commonly required in the medical industry, for complete part traceability is an option available from MULTIPRESS. Data is stored, exported, and can be retrieved later.
    • Custom presses used for forming are often paired with the Sciemetric Sig-Pod for QC process signature analysis.
  • Trust MULTIPRESS’ experience with developing customized press machines that are ideal for working with nitinol, titanium, stainless steel, and other exotic alloys that can be difficult to draw or form and are commonly used in medical applications.
  • Quality control options are available with MULTIPRESS hydraulic presses, including:
    • Pass/fail notification
    • Confirm press position & force reached (monitor).
    • Confirm desired tonnage achieved within a pre-set position window

Why choose MULTIPRESS metal forming equipment?

For over 75 years, MULTIPRESS has been the trusted source for custom hydraulic press solutions. MULTIPRESS has the experts, knowledge, and technology to select and create a press machine unique to each customer’s needs.

With experience in the automotive industry and more, MULTIPRESS provides high-quality, reliable hydraulic press machinery to any application. In an ever growing and developing technological market, MULTIPRESS is proud to offer and satisfy customers in the automotive industry all over the world with dependable press machinery. Contact MULTIPRESS today to find out how our custom hydraulic press machines can help improve your business.