Metal Forming & the Military Industry

Many military manufacturing applications involved formed metal parts made on a custom hydraulic press. Different press designs, tooling, ancillary options, and automation packages can be used to produce custom solutions for any military application.

Because these parts require high-quality and precision, it’s essential to provide consistent production with minimal variation in quality and performance.

With MULTIPRESS’ superior metal forming techniques and experienced application engineers, it’s possible to supply equipment that helps produce weaponry, vehicles, or aircraft that are needed for key military applications.

Whether you’re looking to create a frame for a military vehicle or firearms parts, our highly qualified staff will take the time to understand the project, the end goal, and custom make and develop the machine based on your exact needs.

Some of MULTIPRESS’ previous military/defense applications include:

C-Frame Presses

  • Specialized Ammunition
  • Shell Loading
  • Fuse Assembly Compaction
  • Military Vehicles and Frame (Aircrafts, Watercrafts, Land Vehicles, Ships, and Submarines)

Small Benchtop Presses for Assembly

  • Firearms
  • Weapons

Benchtop Press

  • Springs

Why choose MULTIPRESS metal forming equipment?

MULTIPRESS has been the trusted source for customized hydraulic press solutions for over 75 years. With experience in the military industry, MULTIPRESS has the knowledge, expertise, and top-of-the-line technology to select and create a hydraulic press machine that is unique to your military or arms-related requirements. Whether you are creating parts for military vehicles or ammunition, MULTIPRESS offers dependable machinery that satisfies any customer.