Custom Hydraulic Press Solutions
for Every Industry & Application

At MULTIPRESS, we have decades of in-house engineering expertise available to create a wide variety of customized hydraulic press solutions. We understand that every business faces unique challenges when positioning for growth, accuracy and profitability. MULTIPRESS has also produced hundreds of customized vertical and horizontal hydraulic presses for a wide variety of unique applications. In addition, to pure hydraulic presses, we have also produced servo-hydraulic presses. We understand that every operation has different requirements, so we are proud to offer dozens of customized hydraulic presses such as material handling options, safety features, heating elements and tool plates. Each customized hydraulic press solution is truly built to suit.

Just a few examples of past projects include:

600-ton triple action press
including 400-ton hold down force, 200-ton draw and 100-ton lower ejector

6 Press cell for bonding application
which included 30-ton two column presses position for load/unload via robot

Smart Presses
Presses customized with a full suite of technology options including quality control checks, and real time data storage

Joystick Presses
Allow operator to control the approach and force of the ram with a lever (typically used for straightening operations)

Servo Presses
Provide high accuracy and repeatability for the most demanding and precise applications

Material Handling & Tooling Solutions
MULTIPRESS will design and supply a complete tooling package for a turnkey experience

5 Station draw line
with a 30-ton press per station


We know that uptime is important.  Our team of experts are here to keep your hydraulic press up and running!

With years of technical problem-solving experience, our team stands ready to assist you with all your support needs.

We are proud to offer dozens of customized hydraulic presses solutions that are truly built to suit.