Metal Forming & the Energy Storage Industry

Our experts comprehensively design and build state-of-the-art presses to suit our customers’ exact specifications.

While working with a variety of companies in the energy storage industry, MULTIPRESS has experience with the compaction of fuel cells and blank anodes and cathodes, deep draw for battery cans (steel), stretch forming fuel cells (mask), and crimp seals.

Offering custom-designed hydraulic presses means that we can build a metal fabricating machine to your exact requirements.

Why Metal Forming is Important for Energy Storage

All facets of the energy storage process can utilize the custom metal forming machinery developed and designed by MULTIPRESS. Some of the many components that require presses for production include:

Fuel Cells

Blank Anodes and Cathodes

Deep Draw for Battery Cans

Stretch Forming Fuel Cell

Crimp Seals

And More…Contact us!

Choose MULTIPRESS Metal Forming Equipment

For over 75 years, MULTIPRESS has been the trusted source for custom hydraulic press solutions. MULTIPRESS has the experts, knowledge, and technology to select and create a press machine unique to each customer’s needs.

With experience in the automotive industry and more, MULTIPRESS provides high-quality, reliable hydraulic press machinery to any application. In an ever growing and developing technological market, MULTIPRESS is proud to offer and satisfy customers in the automotive industry all over the world with dependable press machinery.

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