Mount Carmel, Illinois – June 26, 2024.  For Immediate Release.

Nathan Deisher, an Assembler Technician, has been passionate about racing since his childhood and considers it to be “in his blood” For over a decade, he has been actively involved in UMP-Modified racing, which is a popular form of dirt track racing. His love for racing started when his father took him to a dirt track as a young boy. Over the years, Deisher has made a name for himself, winning two feature races and numerous heat wins. This season, he has decided to switch things up and compete in the super late model series.

Deisher and his brother are responsible for most of the technical work on the car, but he acknowledges that it takes a lot of effort from everyone involved,  “My wife, kids, and dad all have a special role.” As a legacy employee at Pacific Press Holdings, Deisher wanted to represent his company and family tradition. Therefore, he chose to have Pacific Press Technologies and Multipress sponsor his UMP-Modified car. With his family by his side and the support of his company, Deisher is set to take on the challenges of the super late model series.