Metal Forming & the Automotive Industry

Throughout the design, development, and manufacturing phases of the automotive industry, effective metal forming processes are increasingly abundant and vital to the success of a company.

By acquiring the most advanced MULTIPRESS equipment, metal forming manufacturers can impact the lead time, quality, cost, and functions of automotive production.

The geometry, material composition, material cost, dimensional accuracy, and feasibility of creating automotive parts are all critical factors that are primarily driven by the metal forming industry.

Old machinery and out-of-date technology in an automotive production process can profoundly impact the overall cost, quality, and competitive edge of a stakeholder in this fast-paced industry.

Why Metal Forming is Important for the Automotive Industry

All facets of the car part manufacturing process can utilize the custom metal forming machinery developed and designed by MULTIPRESS. Some of the many components that require presses for production include:

  • Exhaust Systems
  • Seat Belt Retractors
  • Windshield Wiper Blades
  • Air Bags
  • Carburetors
  • Fuel Injection Sensors
  • Gear and Bearing Assemblies
  • And More

Truck wheels are among the most crucial, rugged, and precisely engineered products in the automotive manufacturing industry. The production of these typically involves either a Gib-guided press or a 4-post-press. Gib-guided presses are the superior option for this application. They can maintain rigidity, tight tolerances, and adjustability, all while applying unparalleled compressive forces.

A customized 4-post-press, on the other hand, is even more customizable and affordable than its Gib-guided counterparts, providing manufacturers with the ability to maintain and deliver unbounded tonnages of force. At MULTIPRESS, our engineering and design team will work with each customer to identify the best system and configuration to fit their exact needs and requirements.

Why choose MULTIPRESS metal forming equipment?

For over 75 years, MULTIPRESS has been the trusted source for custom hydraulic press solutions. MULTIPRESS has the experts, knowledge, and technology to select and create a press machine unique to each customer’s needs.

With experience in the automotive industry and more, MULTIPRESS provides high-quality, reliable hydraulic press machinery to any application. In an ever growing and developing technological market, MULTIPRESS is proud to offer and satisfy customers in the automotive industry all over the world with dependable press machinery.

Contact MULTIPRESS today to find out how our custom hydraulic press machines can help improve your business.