Mount Carmel, Illinois – October 19, 2023.  For Immediate Release.

During the 2023 FABTECH show, MULTIPRESS unveiled its two newest machines. The next generation of the W and M series c-frame bench presses. Rick Snyder, Sales Manager, expanded a bit more about the great new features of these machines. “Both machines underwent the same design changes to improve the look and functionality. New slim frames provide both machines with sleek appearances.” The new machines have a door on the front to hide the position switch and pressure gauge preventing unwanted adjustments, and a bench that now includes lockable storage for dies and tooling. “Regarding functionality changes, both machines now include a pressure reversal switch with an adjustable dwell timer and an improved manifold to include 24 VDC controls,” Snyder said.

Despite the outstanding new features, MULTIPRESS was able to reduce costs.  Snyder explained how this was possible, “By modernizing the controls and redesigning the frames we were able to reduce the cost. By making previously customizable options standard, we can order parts in bulk. This cuts our costs and allows us to lower the price of the machines.” The new machines have the capabilities to complete your automation tasks with robots for pick and place units along with turnkey projects, “integrating your parts with our presses.” He personally finds the most outstanding new feature on these machines to be the pressure reversal, “Changing from a time delay to pressure reversal ensures that the pressure is applied properly. This is going to improve both quality control and production output.”

Another big asset of these machines is the decreased lead time; the W7A has an estimated lead time of 2-4 weeks and the M6P is 8-10 weeks! Snyder believes MUTLIPRESS has an edge over the competition with the help of these new machines and “the on-call service from our Certified OEM Service Technicians for the entire lifetime of the machine. We are also very proud to be one of the few press companies that still manufacture our products in the United States.”

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