With COVID-19 changing the way business can be done, MULTIPRESS is adapting to ensure machines are still being delivered to customers!  MULTIPRESS recently completed the build for a 455-ton 4-column press with 3-axis control and two modes of operation. Since the customer was unable to visit our factory for the F.A.T, the MULTIPRESS staff had to think outside the box to complete the project and allow the customer to inspect & provide final acceptance of the machine.

The solution? MULTIPRESS successfully conducted and completed a virtual F.A.T. while the customer remained at their facility. MULTIPRESS staff took video footage to cover everything that would be covered in a typical F.A.T. test, such as footage showing the press cycling in both sequences. Staff also sent videos that demonstrated both the low and maximum pressure gauges on all three cylinders and displayed the safety circuits.

For any questions on additional aspects of the machine, our staff was able to video specific machine components so the customer could see every detail of the machine. MUTLIPRESS staff understood that during the unusual circumstances of the pandemic, communication and adaptation were vital to continued operation of our business and satisfaction of our customers.

Although standard hydraulic press options are always available, MULTIPRESS more commonly designs and builds a custom hydraulic press solutions with the customer’s specific application and production requirements in mind. For one recent customer, a 4-post press was needed for their application. With this hydraulic press configuration, the customer is able to gain access to all four sides of the working area. A 4-post press is best suited for part manufacturing processes that require rigidity and precise bed-to-ram parallelism. Our experts work closely with clients to ensure the press is built to the exact required specifications. MULTIPRESS equipment is always built with our signature rugged, heavy-duty construction, designed to meet demanding production schedules with years of trouble-free operation.

Additional features of this customer’s 455-ton 4-column press include:

  • Electronic pressure control on all 3 axes via HMI
  • Electronic speed control on 2 axes via HMI
  • Position and pressure transducers in 3 cylinders
  • AB CompactLogix processor with discrete I/O
  • AB PanelView 1000 Plus operator interface

Optional safety features included with this hydraulic press:

  • Light Curtain: Banner Infrared Light Barrier 36” – protects front and rear of press
  • Fixed guard: Bolted on both sides of the press
  • Movable platen safety latch system: Latch capable of engaging anywhere in the press stroke

Light curtains are an additional safety device that provide protection to the operator without inhibiting access to the machine. Typically mounted vertically, the sensor includes a sender and receiver mounted on either side of the press opening. When the sensor detects an interruption (such as a hand), the machine motion stops. Three sides of a press can be guarded with one light curtain by employing mirrors. Doors are interlocked with the press control so when the door is open motion stops and the motor turns off. Light curtains and guarding are completely customizable to suit the customer’s specific application and safety requirements.

Guarding configurations from MULTIPRESS are completely customizable and can be designed to suit specific applications. Guarding is either fixed or interlocked. Presses can be outfitted with guarding such as a vertical sliding gate with interlock, a hinged door that is interlocked, fixed panels, or a custom solution to best suit production processes and safety needs.

With over 70 years of experience designing and manufacturing hydraulic presses in the USA, trust MULTIPRESS for your custom press needs! Our service & spare parts department is equipped to provide OEM parts and expert technical assistance, including telephone, e-mail, and on-site help for your hydraulic press. Please contact Rick Snyder at MULTIPRESS to learn more rsnyder@multipress.com or fill out a contact form!