MULTIPRESS Press Accessories

Whether you’re interested in a standard press or a customized solution, MULTIPRESS experts take the time to select the right machine to suit your specific production requirements. With a wide range of standard press offerings, including both hydraulic and servo options, MULTIPRESS can also outfit your machinery with a variety of optional accessories. By incorporating equipment accessories into your process, production becomes more efficient, operator safety increases, and profitability grows.

Some common optional accessories from MULTIPRESS include:

Pick & Place System: A material handling unit typically equipped with a gripper. The gripper will “pick” a part up and “place” the item in another position. A customer may choose to use a pick & place unit when dedicated automation is beneficial to the process. A pick & place system is commonly used with an index table.

Rotary Index Table: As a dial, the table allows the customer to load a part while pressing another part. Indexers can have multiple stations, commonly four, for various processes. Typically used with a pick & place system, a rotary index table increases efficiency by eliminating dead time between steps. With the ability to eliminate dead time in your process, indexer units provide increased productivity and profitability.

Light curtains: A safety device that provides protection to the operator without inhibiting access to the machine. Typically mounted vertically, sensor includes a sender and receiver mounted on either side of the press opening. When the sensor detects an interruption (such as a hand), the machine motion stops. Three sides of a press can be guarded with one light curtain by employing mirrors. Common guarding solution on a c-frame press has a light curtain located in the front of the press, and fixed or hinged guarding panels on the sides. Doors are interlocked with the press control so when the door is open motion stops and the motor turns off. Light curtains and guarding are completely customizable to suit the customer’s specific application and safety requirements.

Guarding: There are many different options for guarding when it comes to MULTIPRESS presses. Although there are standard types of guarding, configurations are completely customizable and can be designed to suit specific applications. Guarding is either fixed or interlocked. Presses can be outfitted with guarding such as a vertical sliding gate with interlock, a hinged door that is interlocked, fixed panels, or a custom solution to best suit production processes and safety needs.

Tool plate: Facilitates the mounting of a die set by providing a surface for mounting the top half of a die. The tool plate mounts to the ram and it has either two or four guide rods that pass through a bronze bushing, mounted in the press frame head plate. The tool plate will typically have four through holes to match tapped holes in the upper tools and are available with t-slots. Tool plates are completely customizable and application specific.

Load Cell: This device accurately measures force. Typically, a load cell is installed between the cylinder ram end and a tool plate. Often a load cell is used with a peak & hold feature. As force is applied, the load cell looks at each value, finds the largest value (peak force), and stores it until the next cycle starts. By storing this information, the operator can know that the appropriate amount of force was applied during the press cycle. Another approach is to create a max / min window. If the press force falls within the window, the part is “PASS” and outside the window is “FAIL”.

For over 70 years, MULTIPRESS has been providing quality, rugged, and reliable presses – all designed and built in the USA. At MULTIPRESS, we understand that no two processes are exactly the same and production requirements can change over time. This is why we offer an array of customizations and optional accessories to provide the best press for your application. Described above are just a few of the many accessories that MULTIPRESS is proud to offer. While some accessories are optional, service and support you can count on comes standard with every press. To learn how MULTIPRESS can create a customized press solution specifically designed for your production requirements, contact us today.