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MULTIPRESS Announces New Authorized Distributor, Norcal Machinery

MULTIPRESS is pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with Norcal Machinery.  Norcal is now an authorized MULTIPRESS Manufacturing distributor primarily serving customers in the western United States region.... Read more


Pacific Press Announces New President, Brian Evans

Last month, Right Lane Industries (Pacific's parent company) CEO Eric Mara announced he selected Brian Evans to succeed Chris Shelton as President of Pacific Press Holdings, LLC... Read more


Overview of the C-Frame Press: Benefits and Common Applications

C-frame presses are a commonly used type of hydraulic press.  These presses get their name from the fact that the press itself is shaped like the letter "C", however the press may be referred to by other names such as "gap-frame press."... Read more


MULTIPRESS Adapts With Virtual F.A.T.!

With COVID-19 changing the way business can be done, MULTIPRESS is adapting to ensure machines are still being delivered to customers!... Read more


What Does Your Process Require?

Are you looking to buy a reliable & customized hydraulic press? Check out the factors to consider when purchasing a custom hydraulic press from MULTIPRESS!... Read more


What is a 4-Post Hydraulic Press?

MULTIPRESS designs and manufactures a variety of customizable hydraulic presses. 4-post hydraulic presses, also known as 4-column presses, can be designed... Read more

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MULTIPRESS Merges with Sister Company

Pacific Press announced today that it will merge with its sister company, MULTIPRESS. Based out of the Columbus, Ohio area for the last several decades, MULTIPRESS will merge all of its business operations with Pacific Press Technologies... Read more

Hydraulic Press Services

Overview of MULTIPRESS Offerings

For over 70 years, MULTIPRESS has created custom hydraulic press solutions for many customers across a variety of industries and applications. Designed and built to suit our customer’s specific requirements... Read more

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MULTIPRESS Press Accessories

Whether you’re interested in a standard press or a customized solution, MULTIPRESS experts take the time to select the right machine to suit your specific production requirements. With a wide range of press offerings... Read more