Hydraulic Press Manuals

The service manuals for hydraulic press machines listed below are in PDF format and are provided for your review and download.  The hydraulic press maintenance manual PDF's are listed in categories and then in alphanumeric order.

Hydraulic Presses

B-D-F-G and H10 Frame Presses.
F Series Press Models: FH12, FH20, FL35, FN50, FQ75, FY100 & FZ200.
FW Series Presses:8, 15, 35, & 50 Ton Models.
HA15, KA25, LA35, NA50, & QA75 Frame Sizes.
M-Series Hydraulic Presses: 4, 6, & 8 Ton. (Old Series)
M3P-6 Series Hydraulic Press
R-S-T Series Press, below Serial #20,000.
R-S-T Series Press, above Serial #20,000.
W2A-3 Ton Series Hydraulic Press.
W3A-1, 2 & 3 Ton Series Hydraulic Press.
W6A-1, 2 & 3 Ton Series Hydraulic Press.
WR-WS Series. WR above Serial #23101 & WS above Serial #23577.
WR-WT Series.  WR above Serial #26660 & WT above Serial #26429.
WUA-TR1 & 2 Series Hydraulic Press.

MULTIPRESS Control Valves

C01 & C101 Control Valve.
C04, C104, C09 & C109 Control Valve.
C201, C202 & C261 Control Valve.
C204, C209, C264 & C269 Control Valve.
C300 & C400 Series Control Valve.
C492 Control Valve.
C592 Control Valve.
C61 Control Valve.
C64, C164, C69 & C169 Control Valve.
C92 Control Valve.
C94 & C99 Control Valve.
C96 & C97 Control Valve.


A-31 & A-33 Index Table. (Also See IT300 Series).
IT-100 Series Index Table.
IT-100 Series Resequence.
IT-300 Series Index Table.

MULTIPRESS Handwheel Inching Control

Handwheel Inching Control for WR-WS-WT & FH thru FZ.

Miscellaneous Items

Maintenance and Safety Manual.
Suggested Oil List.