Hydraulic Floor Presses

Hydraulic Floor Press Machine Overview

MULTIPRESS’ FM series hydraulic floor model C-frame presses deliver high force while maintaining a small compact footprint. Compared to its smaller bench sized cousins, the floor model presses offer a larger die space area, and output force ranges from 20- 300 tons. C-frame hydraulic presses, also commonly referred to as gap frame presses, are characterized by their unique frame style, resulting in the formation of a “C” around the bolster plate. MULTIPRESS’ FM Series of hydraulic C-frame floor presses are available in a variety of bed sizes and tonnages, with custom hydraulic plate presses available upon request. MULTIPRESS routinely builds customized hydraulic floor presses based on individual client application and production requirements. Our experienced engineering staff partners closely with clients to ensure their floor press is built to their specifications. While the three-sided access to the forming area is appealing (or required) for many applications, C-frame hydraulic floor presses are typically best suited for applications requiring smaller bed sizes and lower tonnages.

MULTIPRESS offer 2 speed ranges:

  • The FMS design is suited for very short strokes, or long pressing strokes.
  • The FMD design provides a much faster closing speed that reduces cycle time on applications that require a lot of travel.

MULTIPRESS equipment is always built with our signature rugged, heavy duty construction, designed to meet demanding production schedules with years of trouble-free operation.

Electric Controls

  • Standard control is dual anti-tie-down start buttons with position shift speed change and pressure reversal.
  • Optional dwell timer or position reversal available
  • Optional pressure shift speed change available
  • Optional quality control circuit to confirm complete press stroke was accomplished
  • Optional interfacing to external robots/automation
  • Optional touch screen operation is available

Hydraulic Options

  • Standard circuit is directional valve type with tonnage decompression
  • Optional open loop proportional, force or speed control – joystick operation available
  • Optional servo-hydraulic, force and speed control
  • Optional safety spool monitoring available
  • Optional pressing speed control
  • Optional dual pump high/low circuit
  • Optional lower ejector and/or stripper cylinder

Product Specs

Looking for a larger size C-frame floor model press?

Check out options from our sister company Pacific Press Technologies!  They offer C-Frame Floor Model Presses ranging from 375-750 tons.

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