Hydraulic Press
Industries & Applications

For more than 70 years, MULTIPRESS has been in the business of producing high-quality, custom hydraulic presses. At MULTIPRESS, we know that every operation has a different set of requirements, so we are proud to offer dozens of hydraulic press customizations such as material handling, safety features, process verification, and rotary dials. With decades of experience, our experts will work with clients to produce customized equipment to meet their unique specifications. Contact us today to learn how we can build a press to best serve you.

Our product offerings include:

Named for its wide range of industries, MULTIPRESS presses have been used in thousands of applications for nearly a century. The diverse MULTIPRESS line has been used to assemble, form, compact, trim, punch, and draw. The most common metal forming, and fabricating industries served by MULTIPRESS are listed below. Contact us to learn more about our customization options for unique applications!

  • Automotive: Our team of experienced mechanical, electrical and software engineers are ready to create any customization you may need to suit your application. MULTIPRESS provides high-quality, affordable press solutions for automotive part manufacturers for both metal and composite forming. MULTIPRESS equipment can be utilized for a diverse range of automotive component production such as exhaust systems, seat belt retractors, windshield wiper blades, air bags, carburetors, fuel injection sensors, gear and bearing assemblies. Industrial hydraulic presses are also used in clutch friction material bonding, and in stamping and forming operations. Truck wheels can be formed on gib-guided or 4-post presses. With custom press offerings the possibilities are countless, contact MULTIPRESS today to learn how we can help your business grow.
  • Military: There is no room for error when it comes to defense, the United States Government trusts MULTIPRESS equipment for specific military applications. The versality of MULTIPRESS machines allows for arsenal work such as shell loading and fuse assembly compaction, and case forming and assembly. MULTIPRESS’ experienced staff understands the need for high-quality, precision, and reliability. Contact us today to learn how we can serve you.
  • Home Appliance: MULTIPRESS metal forming presses are used by companies across the globe, catering to the always growing consumer market. Applications in the appliance industry include the manufacturing of electrical parts such as bearings, housings, switches and thermostats used in electrical installations. Additionally, stamping and forming panels, for items such as ranges for ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances, and hand power tools can also be accomplished with a MULTIPRESS press. Whether it be bending, forming, stamping, or punching, MULTIPRESS can design and build hydraulic presses to cover a variety of your appliance applications.
  • Agriculture: Across the world agriculture remains a vital facet of society. MULTIPRESS is proud to serve an industry so prominent in global day-to-day life. As with any industry, but especially agriculture, people’s livelihoods depend on the quality and reliability of our customizable press machines. We produce a variety of custom hydraulic presses that can be used in the agriculture industry and our experts are ready to design and produce a custom press that will suit your business needs. Metal formers and fabricators produce a variety of parts for agricultural needs, including structural components, wear parts, rails, fasteners and clips.
  • Aerospace: With decades of experience manufacturing hydraulic presses, we are familiar with the importance of doing business with a company you can trust. We stand behind our products because we believe in them. Metal forming presses and fabricating machinery play an important role in the production of reliable components, such as fasteners, used in the aerospace field. Custom presses used for forming are often paired with the Sciemetric Sig-Pod for QC process signature analysis. MULTIPRESS provides customized hydraulic and custom press solutions for aviation companies to compete effectively in a global market. Contact us today to learn how we can build a hydraulic press to help your business grow.
  • Medical: Innovative and reliable metal forming equipment is instrumental to the medical industry. Our commitment to precision and quality, coupled with our ability to create customized machinery to meet our customer’s exact specifications makes MULTIPRESS an optimal partner in the medical industry. MULTIPRESS machines have been used for the production of implantable artificial joints, medical instrument assembly, and for medical batteries and cases. Other medical applications are possible, contact us to find out what we can make for you.
  • Energy Storage: Our experts comprehensively design and build state-of-the-art presses to suit our customer’s exact specifications. While working with a variety of companies in the energy storage industry, MULTIPRESS has experience with the compaction of fuel cells and blank anodes and cathodes, deep draw for battery cans (steel), stretch forming fuel cells (mask), and crimp seals. Offering custom-designed hydraulic presses means that we can build a metal fabricating machine to your exact requirements. Contact us today to learn more.
  • Compacting Materials: MULTIPRESS creates customized hydraulic presses to compact powder or other loose granular substances. For example, compacting grinding wheels, powered metal parts, glass products, Teflon bearing materials, ceramic products and magnetic materials can all be compacted on a MULTIPRESS press. Do you have a unique compacting application? The experts at MULTIPRESS can design and manufacture a press to your exact specifications.

To learn more about some of the industries MULTIPRESS has served over the last several decades, download our Industries brochure.