Custom Hydraulic Press Applications

Our decades of experience have allowed us to produce high-quality, custom draw hydraulic presses for every operation. Because each application demands a different set of requirements, we offer dozens of customizations to meet unique specifications. Whether you’re looking for a machine to assemble, form, compact, trim, punch, or draw, our custom hydraulic press line can be used to serve any industry with common metal forming and fabrication needs.

  • Assembly – Fastening two or more parts together with a hydraulic assembly press.
    • Examples Include: Bearings, shafts, electrical switches, water pumps, rear axle assembly, munitions assembly, windshield wiper blades, fuel injection sensors, gear assemblies, medical instrument assembly
  • Compaction – An object produced by the compression of powdered material, typically done with a custom hydraulic compaction press
    • Examples Include: Powder make-up compacts, Teflon powder for seals, munition fuse assembly, fuel cell compaction, battery compaction, clutch friction material bonding, hot molding.
  • Deep draw – The deep drawing process is a metal forming process which occurs under a combination of tensile and compressive conditions using a compression press. To be considered deep drawn, the height of the case is usually at least two times the diameter.
    • Examples Include: Fire extinguishers, oil cans, fan housings, aerospace ductwork
  • Coining – A squeezing operation, usually performed cold in a closed die, in which the metal is forced to flow to fill the shape and profile of the dies. Due to the high tonnage requirements of a cold working process, customized hydraulic presses are preferred for this application.
    • Examples Include: Resizing powdered metal parts, high voltage power lugs
  • Forming – Using a custom hydraulic press to change the shape of a metal piece and does not intentionally reduce the metal thickness.
    • Examples Include: Journal bearing for locomotives, electrical housings, medical battery or device cases, appliances including dishwashers, ranges, refrigerators, as well as stamped and formed panels for these items, flattening exhaust systems for mounting, windshield wiper blades, HVAC parts, jewelry (rings and settings)
  • Embossing – A process, using a custom hydraulic press, that creates imprinted designs in sheet material by means of male and female dies, theoretically with no change in metal thickness.
    • Examples Include: Lettering, structural stiffening of sheet metal parts
  • Piercing – Cutting or punching an opening, such as a hole in sheet material, plate or various parts with a hydraulic c-frame floor press.
    • Examples Include: Automotive exhaust systems, High Power electrical connectors
  • Stamping – A general term that describes taking a flat piece of material and using a die and a hydraulic floor press to transform its shape.
    • Examples Include: Perforated metal, stamping battery substrates, or any shape in metal, plastic, foam or other materials
  • Trimming – Typically a secondary cutting or shearing operation on a previously formed, drawn, or forged part. The goal is to “trim” any surplus metal off of the edges, bringing the part to the desired shape and size.
    • Examples Include: Automotive dashboards & carpets, dishwasher baskets, die-cast trimming, truck body panels, plastic parts
  • Press fitting – Assembling parts with an interference fit
  • Crimping – an assembly technique that uses a custom assembly press and appropriate tool to fold and flatten material so that two pieces are securely fastened together by a pinching action. This technique is commonly used to join sheet metal parts.
  • Staking – A method using a custom assembly press to permanently fasten two pieces or parts together by recessing one piece within the other and causing plastic flow of the material at the joint.
    • Examples Include: Rivets, Fasteners

If you are interested in a press for one of the applications described below, or a custom application, let our expects help! Please fill out the form to contact us today!


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