Hydraulic Press Machine Manufacturer

Modern solutions for today's applications

Our Mission Statement

"To build and continually develop the most reliable custom products on the market, and provide innovative solutions to bend and form today's world."

Our Vision Statement

"Help the world manufacture a better tomorrow."

Who We Are

For more than 70 years, MULTIPRESS (formerly known as Denison Multipress) has been trusted as the premier provider of hydraulic press solutions.

Whether you are interested in a standard machine, or completely customized hydraulic machinery, MULTIPRESS' experts take the time to select the right machine to fit your specifications and fulfill your production requirements. MULTIPRESS has worked with thousands of fab shops, end users and integrators to develop ideal solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications. Every machine is custom engineered and built in the USA with high quality designs that are made to withstand years of rigorous use. Decades of experience and continuous improvement have earned MULTIPRESS the reputation as one of the finest, most dependable press machinery companies in the world.

Now Partnered Together: MULTIPRESS & Pacific Press

Providing the very best in custom hydraulic presses & press brakes. One dedicated team, two trusted brands.

After being based in Columbus, Ohio for many years, MULTIPRESS moved its operations to sister company Pacific Press Technologies’ 280,000 square foot headquarters in Mt. Carmel, IL. Both subsidiaries of Right Lane Industries (RLI), the partnership allows the machinery OEM’s to benefit from each other’s strengths in engineering, production, and service. With the top resources available to both brands in house, they are well positioned to continue delivering high-quality, made in the USA machinery. Together, Pacific Press and MULTIPRESS share a passion for creating reliable, customized machinery by providing unsurpassed experience, quality, and value. With results rooted in a history of presses and press brakes, both the Pacific Press and MULTIPRESS brands will continue their tradition of being the industry’s leading provider of metal forming solutions.



Today, as a united front, both the Pacific Press and MULTIPRESS brands will work to continue their tradition as the industry’s leading provider of metal forming solutions. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and look forward to many more years of delivering extraordinary value to you and your business. Contact us today to learn how your business can benefit with MULTIPRESS.

MULTIPRESS is owned by Right Lane Industries, a division of Right Lane Capital. Right Lane Industries (RLI) is an American based holding company with a portfolio of like-minded American manufacturing companies. RLI's other business units include:

  • Belt Concepts of America, manufacturer of premium quality, light weight PVC conveyor belts.
  • Bold Renewables, is a North American leader in the servicing of solar inverters, primarily supporting fields generating utility power.
  • FENN,is a premier designer and manufacturer of various metal forming machinery, including spring coilers, wire flattening & shaping equipment, swagers, turks heads, rolling mills, and drawbenches.
  • Five Points Film (formerly AB Stretch), manufacturer of machine and hand applied stretch film.
  • Pacific Press Technologiesproducers of hydraulic press brakes, shears and presses.
  • Schlegel Specialty Productsuses innovative textile, plastics, and foam technologies to weave, form and manufacture a wide variety of components for office equipment, electronics and automotive parts.